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Visit us and get your metal cut, fast!

Why buy from Metal Supermarkets?

#1 Metal Supplier in North America!

Massive Inventory

Over 8,000 different grades, shapes and widths of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Hot Rolled Steel, Cold Rolled Steel and many more. If we don't have your metal in stock, we will source it from one of 100+ Metal Supermarkets stores across North America.

  • 8,000+ metal shapes, grades and sizes
  • Hot and Cold Rolled Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Tool Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper and more
  • Have your metal cut to any length and size
  • No minimum order requirements, order only what you need  
  • Fast delivery or same day in-store pick-up
  • 100+ Stores in North America

Superb Customer Service

We LOVE walk-in customers! Visit us and get your metal cut right on the spot. If you need assistance, our dedicated staff will guide you through our warehouse and help you find the best material for your project!

No Minimum Orders

Say goodbye to full-lengths! We will cut any number of pieces to any size. From one single piece to a thousand pieces, we've got your metal needs covered.

Additional Services

We are the ultimate one-stop shop for all things metal with our wide selection of additional services! Ask us about production cutting, shearing, delivery and more.


+1 866-867-9344

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Why Buy From

Metal Supermarkets?

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Your Metal. Your Size. Right Here!

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